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Mindful Massage

In search of emotional and physical balance?
Mindful massage & meditation allows you to fully relax both your body and mind, making the expert massage that accompanies it more effective and truly relaxing.



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Mindful massage is the perfect way to switch off, while being taught effective mindfulness meditation techniques you can use again and again.
Mindfulness meditation is a safe, effective, quick and scientifically approved way of reducing stress, anxiety and pain. Mindfulness gives you the opportunity to be present, switch off all worries, calm yourself, clear your mind, & take back control of your thoughts. Mindfulness is not a therapy but a life skill. To gain the benefits of Mindfulness meditation, daily practice is recommended. Mindful massage can facilitate ease in meditation practice.

What is it good for?

Mindfulness reduces adrenalin and cortisol levels which are harmful to your digestion, hormone, immune, cardiovascular, nervous, and musculo-skeletal systems.
Mindfulness practice increases:
Happy hormones, feelings of wellbeing, increased levels of emotional literacy
Sense of control, improved performance and public speaking, resilience
Self-efficacy, emotional stability, clarity of mind, improved concentration
Sleep, relaxant hormones, digestion, immunity,
Reduces: pain, emotional suffering, tension, muscle and joint pain, headaches, bruxism, stress, panic & anxiety.

What happens in a consultation?

Each session lasts for about for 55 mins. The treatment is a nurturing combination of guided mindfulness meditation focusing your awareness of breathing connecting with the body, body scan, senses & curiosity of being in the moment beside good bad and neutral experiences with compassion.

Preparation and Requirements

This is a 8 session program of training in the core qualities of Mindfulness meditation & didactic components of MBCT
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