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Quit Smoking

Do you find it difficult to stop smoking? Does the mere thought of quitting the weed fill you with panic? Do you have the intention to stop but somehow never quite get around to it? Or are you a serial ex-smoker?



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Evidence based smoking cessation programme

Do you find it difficult to give up smoking? Does the mere thought of quitting fill you with panic? Evidence based Hypnotherapy enables you to make changes easily and effortlessly.

? stop smoking and stay stopped
? kick start a new health and fitness regime and detox from the effects
of smoking
? improve your skin, wellbeing and energy
? increase confidence, look and feel good
? manage stress, become more calm and relaxed
? prevent relapse
? avoid gaining weight
? invest in your future

Many experts believe smoking is only about 10% physical addiction and a whopping 90% psychological addiction. Your body will recover fairly quickly from nicotine withdrawals (the worst symptoms usually abate in three days or less), but your psychological dependency on cigarettes can be much more difficult to defeat.

Our package, highly acclaimed in Timeout “I haven't even thought about lighting up a cigarette. I just don't smoke anymore!“ Is the perfect combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture.

Our package is tailor made to YOUR NEEDS. NLP is a practical psychology based on fun and curiosity to enable a person to explore their experience in the past present and gives positive strategies to ensure success for the future. CBH gives you the skills to handle feelings without cigarettes, reduce cravings, increase energy, wellbeing, focus, relaxation, assertiveness and mindfulness. Learn life skills of positive self talkT, breathing and relaxation. Together these two disciplines address the psychological aspects of smoking so that dependency is removed. Puff magic dragon Quit Smoking now!

Acupuncture is the second part of the programme a discipline, which has been around for at least the last 2,500 years and addresses the physical withdrawal symptoms of smoking, as well as improving general health and reducing stress. The treatment usually involves body and ear acupuncture. Acupuncture works by releasing endorphins into the system. These naturally occurring hormones have a strong relaxing and calming effect. The whole of the body is reflected on the ear, and by stimulating specific sites it has been shown to reduce addictions (cravings). After the treatment seeds are located on the ear. Pressing these will help to overcome times of acute craving whilst having them there lessens craving generally. It’s been described as 'a bit like pressing a magic button and the cravings simply go away'

What is it good for?

Guaranteed to give you the tools necessary for success; A thorough approach; Become a non-smoker easily; Effective for the heavy smoker; A special combination; Drug free or usable with other means; Introduction to a new way of life; Significant improvement in general health.

What happens in a consultation?

The package takes a detailed and comprehensive approach to giving up smoking and relieving withdrawal symptoms. There are four sessions in total. The initial session explores personal history and experience of smoking, followed by deep relaxation techniques melt away the causes and beliefs about smoking. The aim is to eliminating anxieties so that psychological dependence is removed!

The acupuncture treatment assesses the current state of health and builds on solidifying and strengthening the improvement already started. In the acupuncture session additional questions will be asked. Tongue and pulse diagnosis will be used to provide a clear picture from an energetic perspective as to your general wellness. This will then be taken into account when the treatment is chosen to optimise your health.

The subsequent hypnotherapy sessions look to address habitual new behaviours to ensure you are equipped to stop smoking for life!

Package price £280

Preparation and Requirements

None required.
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